Heavy Truck & Trailer Leasing in Southern Ontario

Carrier Centers is proud to offer its customers access to the Idealease advantage. Idealease is one of North America’s largest full-service transportation companies. With a fleet that numbers over 41,000 trucks, tractors, and trailers, Idealease is a cost-effective option for either short-term rental or long-term fully managed leasing solutions. Talk to Carrier Centers highly qualified lease and rental agents, at any of our locations, today to see how a short-term or long-term agreement may be the right way for your company to save money.

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Full Service

Carrier Centers knows truck leasing can help improve cash flow and increase productivity for companies that operate motor vehicles. Our customers choose to full service their vehicles for a variety of reasons. The most obvious benefit of full-service leasing is the ability for our customers to focus on their own business while Carrier Centers manages maintenance issues. At the end of the term, full-service lease customers return the vehicle to Carrier Centers with no disposal concerns. Leasing also allows our customers to conserve capital and address specific balance sheet and tax issues.
Full-Service Lease Advantages Include:

  • All predictable maintenance and repairs are included in a full-service lease. This takes our customers out of the maintenance business and allows Idealease to be responsible for all preventive maintenance, oil and filter changes, lubrication, repairs, parts, labor, and tires.

  • Lease equipment will carry your company logo and colors. Regular maintenance and vehicle washings add to the professional image your vehicles convey to your customers and others.

  • Substitute trucks can be provided when your regular vehicles need to be out of service for a day or two. This valuable service can be included in your full-service lease rate

  • Budgetable costs are another advantage of a full-service lease. Your monthly lease payment is a fixed expense so you can predict your transportation budget for the entire length of the vehicle’s term.

In addition to providing equipment and maintenance, the Idealease Full Service Lease can include fuel tax reporting, licensing services, safety and compliance service, emergency roadside assistance and more.


Dedicated Maintenance

For our customers who choose to own their equipment, Carrier Centers provides dedicated maintenance services. By utilizing the Carrier Centers Maintenance Program, customers pass all the maintenance responsibilities to the industry experts. We schedule preventive maintenance intervals, track repair history, and perform all maintenance for the length of the contract.
All maintenance is performed at Carrier Centers state of the art service locations. Your contract means priority service in our shops, ensuring that you get immediate service attention. Dedicated Maintenance vehicles are guided to special bays as soon as they reach our service facilities. By eliminating costly downtime normally associated with repair facilities you benefit where it counts, on the bottom line.
Another popular benefit of dedicated maintenance is its consistent billing structure. Customer costs are fixed from month to month, allowing your operations personnel the ability to accurately forecast maintenance expense far into the future.


Carrier Centers customers rely on us to provide high-performance rental vehicles at a moment’s notice. We understand the importance of having access to rental equipment during breakdown repairs, emergency situations, or when a sudden increase in business requires extra trucks and tractors to keep your deliveries on schedule.
Carrier Centers easy to access locations provide a variety of truck rental equipment. You’ll find straight trucks, day cab and sleeper tractors, flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, trailers, and even specialized equipment in our rental fleet. Rental terms are designed to meet your needs. Vehicles may be rented for one day or for months at a time. Our rental fleet allows our customers the ability to manage increases in demand, emergency situations, and repair schedules.
For large fleets with multiple locations in North America, Carrier Centers through Idealease offers the Idealease North American Rental Program for an easy way to rent trucks from Idealease. The program offers consistent pricing and one-time credit approval.