Geotab ELD Solution


Make ELD compliance easy with Geotab from Carrier Centers. Geotab ELD Compliance software simplifies Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), Driver Identification, and Messaging.

ELD Copliance



    Easier-to-use, versatile ELD compliance software

    HOS Solution

    Keep track of drivers with reminders for them to log in and out as well as being able to see their hours of service (HOS) in real-time.

    Hours of service visibility

    You can setup dashboard reports to see Hours of Service making remaining hours and unassigned logs easy to manage.

    Streamline DVIR

    ELDs make Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) easy with real-time access to fleet compliance information and automated alerts when defects are found or inspections are missed.

    Instant messaging

    Send messages directly to drivers with routes, links, or automated messages based on preset triggers.

    What are the benfits of ELDs?

    ELDs have many important benefits for carriers. Most importantly, electronic logging helps improve driver safety by enforcing stronger compliance to Hours of Service regulations, reducing driver fatigue. Eliminating paper logbooks also increases the accuracy of record-keeping and saves time.

    Top ELD benefits for carriers:

    • Increase driver safety and save lives
    • Simplify the process of keeping Records of Duty Status (RODS)
    • Increase Hours of Service compliance by automating Recording of Duty Status for drivers
    • Reduce paperwork for drivers and office staff
    • Save time and money spent on office administration
    • Minimize the risk of errors with automated tracking
    About Us

    Canadian ELD Mandate

    Transport Canada has announced that it is mandating the use of ELDs for commercial trucks and bus operators. Carriers must switch from paper daily logs to ELDs before Jan 1, 2023.