Carrier Centers and Geotab Tracking Device

Next Generation Fleet Management

Bring your fleet into the future with the Geotab vehicle tracking device. Collect real-time and accurate vehicle data, including location, speed, health assessments, and even collision detection and notifications.

Geotab Dashboard



    Advanced vehicle tracking with second to none data collection

    Accurate vehicle tracking

    Find a wealth of data at your finger tips with vehicle location, speed, trip distance and time, engine idling, and more.

    Truck Health Reports

    All engine data is collected in real-time, including odometer and engine hours but also engine fault codes.

    Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Monitor speeding, idling, and more. Send messages directly to drivers with routes, links, or automated messages based on pre-set triggers.

    Simple Installation

    The Geotab GO9 device that plugs into your truck's ODB II port or by using an adapter for those vehicles without.

    How a telematics device can save your business money

    The Geotab telematics device will measure all the key fleet metrics that you need to manage for an efficient fleet. With built-in solutions for DVIR and ELD Compliance, Geotab also helps simplify your fleet management procedures.

    Geotab benefits for carriers:

    • Increase driver safety and compliance
    • Reduce fuel consumption and mileage with route optimization
    • Save time and money spent on office administration
    • Stay on top of engine health and maintenance
    • Gather meaningful data with reports for your exact needs
    • Get real-time reports of engine fault codes
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